About Us

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS is a complete marine technical services company providing automation, calibration, electrical & electronics, navigation & communication, instrumentation and marine & industrial trainning for maritime industries.

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS is always content that it can provide its customers with tailor made technical solutions which meet all their technical requirements. With our advanced technical knowledge in the maritime industry we can assure the best service that is available in the world. GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS also provide global distribution of spare parts. Since the beginning, GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS has been providing high quality service to its customers at competitive rates.

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Our Services

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS provide automation solutions for a wide domain spectrum in marine and industrial section. Our solution spans all phases starting from design, programming, installation, testing to customer training and commissioning.

We undertake the following automation works:


GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS provide automation solutions for a wide domain spectrum in marine and industrial section. Our solution spans all phases starting from design, programming, installation, testing to customer training and commissioning.

We undertake the following automation works:

  • ME/AE alarms and safety systems
  • Boiler automation
  • Dredger automation
  • IG plant automation
  • Integrated Alarm System
  • Upgradation of existing system using PLC, HMI and SCADA
  • Generator Alarm Systems
  • COPT Alarm and Safety
  • P/P Room Monitoring Systems
  • Reefer and Air Conditioning Control System
  • Level Monitoring System
  • Drivers and Controllers for all kinds of motors
  • Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
  • Oily Water Separators and Bilge Oil Content Monitors
  • Gas Analyzers and Fixed Gas Detection Systems
  • design, integration, installation, testing and commissioning of power management systems, centralized alarm systems, engineer’s consoles, etc.


GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS offers a complete range of calibration programmes of marine and industrial approved temperature, pressure, gas detection instruments and more. We also undertake onsite calibration instruments. The following calibration programmes are undertaken by us:

  • Temperature/pressure transmitters and gauges
  • Level/tank gauging units
  • Gas detection instruments
  • Breath alcohol monitors
  • Precision mechanical instrument
  • Overload relays
  • Electrical instruments like ammeter, voltmeter, energy meter, etc.
  • Pneumatic and electronic transmitters
  • Temperature and pressure switches
  • Temperature sensors(rtd/tc)
  • Elctrical/electronic instruments
  • Flow meters
  • Oily water separator

Ship Manning

Goodwill Marine Technical Solutions Pvt Ltd has been supplying Officers and Crew of all ranks and positions to Ship owners and Managers. With some of the most prestigious names in the business using our services, we have exceptional experience and expertise of providing a quality source and supply service to the industry. Stress is laid on identifying and placing competent staff on board vessels who understand their role and work towards the interests of the vessel owners/ Managers.

We pride ourselves on working with Clients and Candidates in order to achieve the best results for both. Our aim is always to find the perfect Profile to fit our Clients needs and our Candidates requirements.

Electricals and Electronics

We undertake the following repair works and services:

  • Main switch board and emergency switch boards safeties
  • Lightning & power distribution boards
  • Deck crane repairs
  • Reefer and air conditioning control systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Emergency generator controls and auto start
  • Anchor winch electrical and electronic control services
  • Feed water pump motor & fuel oil supply pump motor repairs
  • Cargo control & inert gas control system repairs
  • Fuel oil/lube oil purifier electrical controls
  • Boiler control and burner management systems
  • Purifier units
  • Engine controls
  • Incinerator electrical and electronic controls
  • Fresh water generator electrical controls
  • Auto Change Over of various systems
  • PA and intercom systems

Navigation and Communication

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS provide individual solutions related to communication and navigation equipments and systems.

Our service extends to the following equipments:

  • AIS
  • Autopilot
  • Battery charger
  • Communication network
  • Echo sounder
  • GMDSS-safety
  • GPS
  • Gyro Compass
  • LRIT
  • Magnetic compass
  • Navigation radars
  • Radio communication
  • Satellite communication
  • Speed log
  • SSAS
  • Voyage data recorders


GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES provides the following instrumentation services:

Temperature Instruments:-

Temperature element – rtd/turbo charger, temperature transmitter, temperature gauge, temperature switch, temperature indicator, controller, etc.

Level instruments:-

Level transmitter, level gauge, level switches, level indicator, controller, recorder, etc.

Flow instruments:-

Flow element orifice plates with assembly, flow transmitter & flow switch, flow indicators, controller, flow meters, etc.

All types of control valves/on-off valves, dampers, actuators and electro pneumatic positioners including pneumatic tubing for the same, etc.

All types of control panel, isolators, drives, pid controllers, process indicators, plc, scada systems, etc.

Fire Alarm systems/various security systems.

Marine and Industrial Training

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES conducts training programmes through a team of well experienced, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members including master mariners, chief engineers and surveyors. the trainings offered by us:

  • Deck and engine side officers
  • Trainee electrical officers
  • Deck and engine side cadets

We also conduct short term courses in electrical, electronics & automation for B.TECH., B.E. & polytechnic diploma students of various branches like mechanical, electrical & electronics, electronics & communication and electronics & instrumentation.

Other Services

GOODWILL MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES has tie-up with world renowned companies for the supply of spare parts and goods. there are other services like:

  • Sourcing of new and used marine equipments
  • Equipment supplies
  • Supply of electrical and instrumentation products
  • Supply of cables
  • Customized software solutions for shipping company